As the leader and trend setting association within the South African and the larger Southern African (SADC) Livestock and Animal Feed Sector it is of extreme importance that AFMA hosts the correct and most reliable statistics on Animal Feed Sales and related information.

Equally important, it is of the essence that this information is publically available to all role players - all at the same time, giving everyone equal access and opportunity.

AFMA will also enhance this section by posting related documents and information of an International and Global nature.

AFMA will furthermore, strive to develop this section into one of the core important sections to be consulted whenever there is a need to address or to discuss Livestock and Animal Feed related matters.


Simply click on the "Instructions" link above to view the step by step instructions guide to submitting and viewing your feedsales statistics.

Please contact Dirk Kok at dirk@afma.co.za or telephonically on +27 (0) 12 663 9097 for more information.

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